3 Amazing Wellness Resorts in the USA

If you are planning to travel in the USA, there are many wellness resorts for lives through yoga, spa and wellness retreats. Here focused solely on feel-good activities including yoga and lectures on mind-body-spirit topics.

Sunrise Springs Spa Resort; Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Sunrise Springs Spa Resort in New Mexico which located among 70 acres and also offering an integrative spa. Their services include an nutritional assessment, acupuncture, chiropractic care, spiritual counseling and wide range of spa services available such as hydrotherapy.

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Canyon Ranch; Lenox, MA

Canyon Ranch is one of the best resorts for healthy living and luxury spa vacations. During your stay, you’ll receive health and nutrition consultations for a personalized treatment.

Canyon Ranch; Lenox, MA

The Ritz-Carlton; Key Biscayne, Florida

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne Miami is one of the best resorts and we advise guests on the best ways to unwind island life. This resort invites guests to experience locally inspired activities which perfect for couples and families.

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Best Travel Destinations in USA

The US promises something provides beautiful natural spots including deserts, beaches, mountains, forests and many more. USA is top most visited country for tourism and after France, is second tourism country. Tourists are spend more money here.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is one of the top tourists destinations in the USA. You can easily get creole music and food at every corner. This is the best places for spend time with someone.

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Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a good place to spend the night at if you want to see the skygazers and star watchers with your family. This place reflects the glittery shine on the sky at night so don’t miss out the day when you are in Sedona.

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Honolulu, Hawaii

The Honolulu is amazingly beautiful beaches and giving breathtaking view so don’t miss out. You can do lots of activities like snorkeling, surfing, horseback riding besides, kayaking and watching live dance. It is famous for movie shooting.

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The Best 4 Attractions in USA

The USA has so many memorable and unique landmarks which listed of top attractions in the USA such as memorials, monuments, statues, bridges. It has man-made spaces and iconic structures which attracts so many visitors.

Hollywood Walk of Fame – Los Angeles

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is famous and here shooting the film, television and recording industries on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Streets. Enjoy and exploring more about the world’s most famous sidewalk.


The Space Needle – Seattle

The Space Needle is 605 feet tall, the space Needle is one of the tallest structure of the Mississippi River at that time. Lots of visitors visit for the seen the magnificent views of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.


Gateway Arch – St. Louis, Missouri

Gateway Arch is architect Eero Saarinen and completed in 1965. The Gateway Arch is the symbolizes of the United States under the Thomas Jefferson. The national park service combines the Gateway Arch.


Mount Rushmore – Black Hills, South Dakota

The Mount Rushmore is an icon of America. The massive likenesses of four U.S. presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt which carved rock face of a mountain in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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The Best Sporting Events in the USA

In USA, some of the biggest sporting tournaments in the world including car racing, tennis, cycling, running, horse racing, golf, running and many more.

Daytona 500

Daytona 500 takes place in Florida in February month, it is the most prestigious stock car race in the world. This race is done 500 miles, that requires 200 laps around the 2.5 mile Daytona International Speedway Loop.

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The Masters Golf Tournament

The Masters Golf Tournament has played at the Augusta National Golf Club since 1933, it is one of the most important and interesting men’s professional championships. The Masters Golf Tournament takes place in April month.

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Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon held every year on Patriots’ Day. It is started from April since 1897, it is the one of the world’s annual marathon race. It is done male and female runners from across the world and it is count one of the top attraction of Boston.

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Attractions in the Washington, DC

Washington, DC is one of the most popular destinations in the United States which offers a wide range of attractions and activities. You can explore smaller and more unique places where you spend time with family or friends and you will be sure to have a memorable trip.

Visit the Smithsonian

Start at the Smithsonian Institution Building is the most popular attractions in Washington DC. Plan to explore the most interested places. The 19 museums of the USA are the most attraction in Washington DC.

Tour the National Monuments and Memorials

The National Monuments are truly wonderful and must see the National Monuments and Memorials. Here you can see the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial and the World War II Memorial.

Walk, Bike, or Kayak Along the C & O Canal

The Washington DC region offers Walk, Bike, or Kayak Along the C & O Canal that offers a quick relief from hectic city life along with that offers canal boat rides and interpretative events during the warmer months of the year.

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Southeast for Family Vacation in the USA

For families seeking a vacation places, the Southeast offers an array of reasonably priced hotel. You can see sightseeing opportunities with fun. It has oldest mountain range, six of the ten designated National Seashores and many more. We provide one of the best destinations in the Southeast for family vacation experiences.

The Mountains of North Carolina

The Mountains of North Carolina is a best and wonderful way to spend family time together on vacation. This is truly offering beautiful location where you can spend time with family.

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Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia

Callaway Gardens offers amazing vacation experience for families. It is the best places for exploring nature and enjoying wholesome outdoor activities. Spend time with family and friends.

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Historic Alexandria in Northern Virginia

Historic Alexandria is located just outside of Washington, D.C., we known that it is a great family destination where explore the history and culture of the united states along with Old Town Alexandria offers many tours especially for children.

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Unique Hotels in the USA

Looking for a unique hotel in the United States? Check out our amazing and wonderful selection of hotels which match your budget. This is a list of hotels in the United States.

Mama Shelter: Los Angeles, California

Mama Shelter is well known all about fun and community. The hotel opened a rooftop and many features like restaurant and bar, outdoor yoga fitness center and a big screening area for watching Hollywood classics under the stars.

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The Liberty Hotel: Boston, Massachusetts

The Liberty Hotel offers corporate event space and also offers tours and history of the former residents for interested guests. The Rooms start at $340 per night. If you are looking space to host or organize a specia events then you can choose this one.

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Condado Vanderbilt Hotel: San Juan, Puerto Rico

For those looking to relax and spend quality time then the Condado Vanderbilt offers pool and beach along with also offers private beach and pool cabanas. With sun and temperate climate so book this hotels in winter getaways early.

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Art Museums in the USA

The United States is one of the most sophisticated art museums in the world along with it has one of the most famous works of art. From Leonardo da Vinci to Roy Lichtenstein.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest museum in the United States, it has housing more than two million pieces in its permanent collection from Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. You can see exclusive contemporary art pieces and visitors should catch the hand made and machine design by famous haute couture designers.

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Museum of Fine Arts Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts Boston is well known in the United States and one of the largest museums, it has more than 450,000 works of art such as American Art, Egyptian Art, and ongoing #techstyle exhibit. This museum has the most expensive collection of Japanese art and pottery outside Japan.

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Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a museum has largest collection of American artworks which found in the USA, the bustling museum paintings by Cezanne, Manet and Marisso.

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National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art that established in 1937. It has United States national collection of fine art housed in the Washington. This museum has American and European Collections but it has lots of Kress collection featuring an abundance of Italian pieces.

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Best Shopping Places in the USA

In the USA, having a list of the best shopping cities in the United states, you can visit some other cities for shopping include Dallas, Miami and Charleston and South Carolina. You can find out all brands everywhere in the USA.

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most exciting destination, where you can shop luxury brands and stylish clothes. It is best place for fashion lovers.

Minneapolis/St. Paul – Mall of America

The Minneapolis/St. Paul attraction receives around 40 million visitors annually and Other venues include the SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium, flight simulators, theaters and many more. The best things are you can be shopping all luxury brands at here.


Houston is not only the biggest city in Texas while it is also the best city for the shopping in the Lonestar State. Overall it is the best places to shop in Houston during the holidays. Houston has more listings for the Houston’s boutiques, shopping and top shops.

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3 Summer Festivals Worth The Trip

If you want to get an amazing experience music, food, theater, dance or wine then must visit during the summer season. It is also festival season and you can enjoy even hot air balloon, walking, and garlic festivals. The beauty of festivals that bring people together.

Mele Mei:- The name of this festival simply translates “May Hawaiian Music months”. You can hear concerts nearly anywhere on the islands and the festival sponsors events celebrating Hawaiian music in Honolulu and across all other islands.

The place: Hawaii

The Month: May to June

Mele Mei

Contemporary American Theater Festival: – Contemporary American Theater Festival held at Shepherd University and it is located in Shepherdstown. This festival offers the opportunity to play in a regular theater. Its local  is rural area but beautiful Shepherdstown.

The place: Shepherdstown, West Virginia

The Month: July 8 to 31

Contemporary American Theater Festival

Bite of Oregon:- Here all the dishes offered at this festival that are made from ingredients which come from local Oregon that’s why everything is very fresh. This festival is held in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, which offers amazing views of the Willamette River.

The place: Portland

The Month: August 14 to 16

Bite of Oregon

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